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Big Gun — AC/DC

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Факт №1490

Композиция звучит в фильме "Последний герой боевика" с Арнольдом Шварцнеггером в главной роли.

Добавил: Abraxx

Метки:  кино


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Текст песни

Riot on the radio

Pictures on the TV

Invader man take what he can

Shootout on the silver screen

Sticking 'em up and knocking 'em down

Living out a fantasy

There's a bad man cruising around

In a big black limousine

Don't let it be wrong

Don't let it be right

Get in his way

You're dead in his sights


Big gun

Big gun number one

Big gun

Big gun kick the hell out of you

Terminators, Uzi makers

Shootin' up Hollywood

Snakes alive with a .45

Setting off and doing no good

If you ain't wise they'll cannibalise

Tear flesh off you

Classified lady killers

Prayin' in the human zoo

They saddle you up

And take you to town

Better look out

When he come around


(Show down)

Big gun, got a hot one

Big gun, got a number one

Big gun, loaded and cocked

Big gun, hot hot hot

Got big gun, ready or not

Big gun, give it, give it a shot

Terminator, Uzi makers

Regulators, gonna get you later

Big gun kick the hell out of you


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